Welcome to UG Hall VII

For inquiry, please email to hall7llc@ust.hk

Chan Sui Kau and Chan Lam Moon Chun Hall (UG Hall VII) advocates diverse residential life experience by creating an international and cross-cultural-exchange platform through Living Learning Communities (LLCs).

The LLCs were pioneered in UG Hall VII in 2009 with the aim of stimulating residents' interaction and participation in hall life - a number of theme-based communities were established under the guidance of our Residence Master and a group of LLC Fellows, all appointed from current teaching staff at HKUST, to enhance a sense of belonging to the university and bonding among residents coming from different backgrounds.

We excel in fostering the exchange of ideas, however disparate at times, and strive to succeed in sustaining harmony and resolution by deepening cross-cultural understanding and mutual tolerance - qualities that testify to the intellectual growth and personal development of our LLC members.

Welcome to the Hall VII big family! We wish you successful, enriching and fulfilling years ahead!